BeeArc - The Nature of the Future,
is a unique and innovative multi‑dimensional tourist attraction which responds to and works directly into our changing social, cultural and economic environment.

Why the BeeArc?

The catastrophic demise of the honey bee worldwide has awakened millions to the enormous economic impact they have on our lives - to the complex consequences of a world without them

Paradoxically from these fears has emerged a broader understanding - almost a revelation - of the honey bee as a bee – ing with not just economic meaning but with social and community meaning - cultural and spiritual meaning.

The BeeArc Project explores how the honey bee can inspire human beings in all three realms of life.

The BeeArc Building

BeeArc Building

Carbon Conscious Design

The BeeArc will aim to be a ‘Net Zero Carbon Building’; an ‘Active‘ building that will generate the power supply to run the facility, plus surplus energy, resulting in a Net Zero Carbon Building from both construction and operational use.

The design will include renewable energy technologies, modern environmental methods of construction along with embracing the principles of biodiversity and biophilic architecture.

The Three Dimensions of the BeeArc

The Discovery Centre - The Mystery of the Honeybee

Exploring the Social, Economic and Cultural Meaning of the honey bee and its relation with human being.

BeeArc Building

The Honey Bees Cultural and Spiritual World

An Exploration of how the Honey Bee has accompanied man from the beginning as a symbol of higher knowledge and learning, how it has guided and informed him on his evolutionary journey and continues to inform him to the present time.

  • The Egyptian Mystery Centres and the honey bee
  • The Mystery Centre of Ephesus - Artemis and Honey bees
  • Western Initiation through the Logos Mysteries
  • The Sarmoun Darq - The Brotherhood of the Bees
  • Islam and the honey bee

The Honey Bees Social and Community World

How the Honey Bee has evolved a form of social organisation in so many ways beyond our own, how it works and how it can help human beings to develop healthier and happier social well-being.

The Honey Bees Economic and Environmental World

How the Honey Bee has produced a uniquely cooperative way of working for the whole to produce unique foods and medicines for itself and for man. How it lives as an environmental indicator of the health of the earth.

The Research Centre - The College of Future Living

The College of Future Living is an open, living educational and research exploration of the ways in which the honey bee can inform, guide and support human activity socially, economically and culturally at a time of immense cultural change.

The centre will contain 100 seat theatre/conference/exhibition space along with practical and active learning spaces.

BeeArc Building

Where do the Cultural and Spiritual Worlds of Man and Honey Bee meet?

  • The Egyptian Mystery Centres – the Logos Mysteries and the honey bee
  • The meaning of the honey at the Mystery Centre of Ephesus - Artemis and Honey bees
  • Western Initiation through the Honey Bee
  • The Sarmoun Darq - The Brotherhood of the Bees
  • Modern experience and understanding of the Honey bee
  • Creation of Theatre , Exhibition and Performance Centre

Where do the Social and Community Worlds of Man and the Honey Bee meet?

  • How bees have evolved
  • Understanding the ways bees live
  • The relationship of bees to the Sun
  • Sustainable Beekeeping methods - Warre Hives, Sun Hives, etc.

How human beings may learn socially from the honey bee:

  • A School of Unselfishness
  • Exploration of new forms of community living

Where do the Economic and Environmental Worlds of Man and the Honey Bee meet?

  • The role of the Honey Bee in Food Production
  • Medicines from the Honey Bee
  • The real cost of commercialisation of the honey bee
  • New ways of keeping bees

The BeeArc Sustainable Community - The Honeybee Village

Developing a Model of Cooperative Work and Living in practice

  • Accommodation for shared living
  • Community run Village Store
  • Community Produce Exchange
  • Community run small scale sustainable workshops
  • Community run Garden and Physic Garden
  • Community run Beekeeping
  • Community run complementary health clinic
  • Community run transport


Built by Jack Barber in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Visit Herbal Apothecary for herbal practitioner supplies, Sweet Cecily's for natural skincare, BeeVital for propolis health supplements and Future Health Store for whole foods, health supplements, natural & ethical gifts.