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The Nature of the Future?

The BeeArc project links the care and protection of the honeybee and nature to how human beings can face up to the social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges we face today. We would like your thoughts about what we are planning. Please tell us at the questionnaire link underneath this video - and thank you.

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  • BeeArc Discovery

    In The Discovery Exhibition the visitor will go on a journey through three Pavilions, exploring the Cultural, Social and Environmental significance of the honeybee.

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  • BeeArc Research

    A space where we can research and better understand the social, environmental and cultural life of the honeybee as well as exploring the way honeybees can support human beings.

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  • BeeArc Community

    A space where people can put into practice our learning from the honeybee in the way we live together, undertake meaningful work together and celebrate life together.

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We've put together a booklet detailing the aims and aspirations of the BeeArc project. It's free to download as a PDF and physical copies are also available.


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